ZenTiV - Für TightGate-Pro

Central TightGate Management

ZenTiV, the command center for TightGate products

The Central TightGate Management ZenTiV is the universal solution for update management of large TightGate Pro installations. It also offers comprehensive monitoring and can serve as a configuration server for TightGate Mobile.

Update management for TightGate-Pro

ZenTiV hält alle TightGate-Pro Server im Netzwerk auf dem neuesten Stand. Gerade in großen Infrastrukturen über mehrere Standorte hinweg spielt ZenTiV seine Stärken aus und vereinfacht die Verwaltung der zahlreichen Updateoptionen erheblich. Aktualisierungen lassen sich für alle Server zentral konfigurieren und planmäßig beziehungsweise zeitgesteuert durchführen. Die individuelle und situationsgerechte Koordination des Updateprozesses schont die Zeitressourcen der Systemadministration und hält die Systemsicherheit kontinuierlich auf hohem Niveau.

Monitoring and logging

ZenTiV includes comprehensive system monitoring based on Nagios. It has been enhanced with many features and optimized for TightGate-Pro, but is also suitable for other manageable network components. The operation is platform-independent and takes place via the web browser. Flexible notification options via web interface, email or text message keep administrators up to date. The system is available as a physical or virtual machine and offers a wide range of functions on one common user interface.

Configuration management for TightGate-Mobile

Solid basic protection against attacks via the web browser is also possible on mobile computers: TightGate-Mobile provides the necessary security, ZenTiV ensures uniform configuration of all installations at all times. The number of mobile devices is not limited, so even extensive device parks can be managed easily. Manual intervention on the mobile devices is no longer necessary. All necessary settings can be done centrally in ZenTiV  this saves time, increases device availability and provides significant relief in terms of administration.

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