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TightGate-Mobile - Security for notebooks and Mobile Workplaces!

Industrial companies from all domains as well as public authorities and financial institutions use TightGate-Pro as their secure web browser. But how can mobile workstations (laptops) be effectively protected against attacks via the browser if no high-performance company network is available?
Thanks to TightGate-Mobile , this is no longer a problem: It provides robust basic security when you are on the move.


Security in mobile environments

Mobile Internet access via LTE or Wi-Fi is standard in many places today. But the risk of attacks from the Internet via the web browser is particularly present on notebooks. The use of dedicated systems based on the principle of remote-controlled web browsersis hardly possible with low bandwidth. TightGate-Mobile is the solution: Optimized TightGate Pro is executed in an encapsulated manner in a virtual machine. The browser is displayed via a separate viewer directly on the mobile computer.

Safety on the move and in the office
TightGate-Mobile for mobile computers effectively prevents attacks via the web browser. The system is implemented as a virtual machine and provides good basic security. Like TightGate-Pro, TightGate-Mobile has maximum self-protection due to extensive hardening of the server’s operating system and granular access control via RSBAC. RSBAC stands for Rule Set Based Access Control and represents one of the most advanced authorization management frameworks currently deployable in the kernel.


Selection of features

  • Basic security on mobile computers without VPN enforcement
  • Regular web browser - no training required
  • Secure file transfer with MIME type filter + virus scanner
  • Full multimedia support
  • Security in places with public Internet access, e.g., Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Available for all major platforms (Windows, Linux and OS X)
  • Centralized management of all installations
  • Copy & paste from the browser without the risk of malicious code
  • Print from any locally installed printer
  • Regular feature and security updates
Sicherheit Notebooks TightGate-Mobile

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Email: l.lehmann@m-privacy.de

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