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Sicher surfen im Internet wird immer schwieriger, denn längst haben sich Cyberkriminelle darauf spezialisiert Computer-Netzwerke mehr oder weniger gezielt über den Webbrowser  anzugreifen. Denn klassische Schutzmaßnahmen schützen kaum bei Angriffen die Sicherheitslücken in  Webbrowsern ausnutzen. Doch bis zur Kompromittierung einzelner Arbeitsplatzrechnern oder gar kompletter Netzwerke muss es nicht kommen. Nutzen Sie mit TightGate-Pro einen starken Sicherheits-Baustein und Sie surfen wieder sicher im Internet. Alles über TightGate-Pro in der Videoreihe “Abstand schafft Sicherheit”.

TightGate-Pro! ... and how it protects you

TightGate-Pro is a ReCoB system. ReCoBS stands for Remote Controlled Browser System. TightGate-Pro physically separates the web browser’s execution environment from the workstation. The system shields the internal network from the Internet and reliably and preventively inhibits attacks that exploit security vulnerabilities in Internet browsers. TightGate-Pro is the leading dedicated ReCoBS, because only the physical separation on a hardened system makes it possible to permanently withstand attacks. Local virtualization, sandboxing systems or micro-virtualizations do not provide effective protection. TightGate-Pro is used in government agencies, financial institutions, industrial companies and critical infrastructures  in short, wherever Internet access at the workplace is indispensable, but internal infrastructures must be protected reliably. TightGate-Pro is BSI certified according to EAL3 +. Read more: The TightGate protection concept >

How TightGate-Pro works

With TightGate-Pro, users use a virtual browser at their workstation that runs on TightGate-Pro. The display of the screen output and the sound output take place on the workstation monitor and loudspeaker. At the same time, the browser can be controlled remotely via mouse and keyboard from the workstation. In short, for the users, the browser feels like the local browser.
Read more: How TightGate-Pro works >


TightGate Pro Video series

1. Attack from the Internet
Most Internet attacks on workstations are made via the web browser. Common filter systems, however, only look for known attack patterns. New or targeted attacks usually overcome these security systems unrecognized. In the first part of our video series, you will learn about the inherent problems of all common web browsers and why classical security systems are not enough.
2. Risk banned with TightGate-Pro
TightGate-Pro is the secure web browser for government agencies and businesses. It runs on hardened servers outside the internal network. This is crucial because the physical separation of the internal enterprise network from the free Internet is the only really secure way to keep attackers and malicious code out.
3. The TightGate protection concept
Our TightGate protection concept of m-privacy GmbH represents a solution approach for making a company‘s data traffic safe and functional. For trusted remote sites, a local browser is used; for sites outside the protected area, there is TightGate-Pro.
Security – sealed and certified

BSI certification

TightGate-Pro (CC) Ver. 1.4 is the TightGate-Pro variant designed for use in particularly sensitive environments. The certification of TightGate-Pro (CC) according to Common Criteria EAL 3+ has been granted by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI-DSZ-CC-0589).
Read the press release >

EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
TightGate-Pro fully complies with the EU GDPR. The system offers comprehensive data protection through technology (Privacy by Design) and works with privacy-friendly default settings (Privacy by Default). TightGate-Pro therefore stands for legal security in data protection  today and in the future.


Facts about TightGate Pro

No, TightGate-Pro should be seen as one building block of a holistic security concept, whose components complement each other and increase the level of protection of the infrastructure as a whole.

However, since TightGate-Pro is an exceptionally strong protection system for the display of web content, it can certainly be double-checked whether other content-filtering protection systems may become obsolete.

Yes, processing large numbers of users is no problem for TightGate-Pro.

TightGate-Pro is suitable for user groups from 10 workstations on up and is scalable to almost any number of users. With higher numbers of users, we use high-performance cluster systems that withstand even high loads.

Und verwalten Sie mehrere TightGate-Pro Server, so unterstützt Sie dabei die Zentrale TightGate-Verwaltung (ZenTiV).

Yes, multimedia content can be played distortion-free.

Almost all multimedia data on the Internet can be played back using TightGate-Pro. Whether HTML5 video, Adobe® Flash® or other formats: TightGate Pro offers full Internet usability at every workstation. Even browser add-ons for Firefox, the default browser installed on the upstream protection system, can be installed by every user.

Keyword Performance: Optimized connection between workstations and TightGate-Pro allows great video playback with moderate bandwidth consumption. Thus, numerous workstations can be supplied simultaneously via existing network segments.

TightGate-Pro can be integrated quickly and easily into any professional network infrastructure. In terms of network topology, the upstream protection system is housed in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). In the case of large user groups, the network connection should be distributed over several segments in order to equally supply all workstations.

With regard to the individual workstations, no special requirements have to be fulfilled. Only the TightGate client programs need to be installed. These applications can also be distributed automatically and are available for all common platforms.

You can find TightGate-Pro at your system retailer or buy it directly from m-privacy. We cooperate with reputable system companies; please ask your IT service provider for our TightGate products.

Retailers can purchase all TightGate products via our distributor sysob IT-Unternehmensgruppe GmbH & Co. KG:
Website of sysob

TightGate Pro comes as a pre-installed and configured appliance. The resulting license costs are based solely on the number of concurrent users logged into the system and are graded according to the total number of users. Added to this are the costs for the server hardware and the annual software maintenance.



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