Website security analysis

Secure presence on the WWW

Identifying risks, closing gaps

Weltweit greifen 2,5 Milliarden Nutzer auf knapp 700 Millionen Webseiten zu. Ob Informationsplattform, E-Shop oder Dienstleistungsportal: Mit einer professionellen Website-Sicherheitsanalyse Ihrer Internetpräsenz machen Sie Ihren Internetauftritt zu einem Gewinn für Kunden, Interessenten, Partner und nicht zuletzt für Ihr Unternehmen oder Ihre Organisation.

Insecure web presence

Internet presence under fire

Web servers are among the most frequently attacked systems on the Internet. No wonder: Complex configurations and feature-rich web applications make them susceptible to security vulnerabilities. In addition, web servers are online day and night. Criminals with different motivations have plenty of time to discover even the slightest flaws. The range of impending risks extends from "defacement" (redirection to an external presence) via the leakage of confidential data to the distribution of malicious code in your name.
However, detected security gaps can be eliminated systematically so they can no longer be exploited by attacks. Website security analyses are therefore a long-term investment.

Website security analysis

How we secure your web presence

  • Systematic review of the website according to WASC Threat Classification (Web Application Security Consortium's list of threats to web applications)
  • Inclusion of all relevant threats regardless of distribution or frequency
  • Black-box tests (penetration tests) and white-box tests (consideration of function and implementation)
  • Efficient approach through tool-based procedures in combination with manual testing technology
  • Individual analysis reports, presentation by experts upon request

Your contact person

Roman Maczkowsky
Phone: +49 30 243423-47

Short Vita Roman Maczkowsky

Roman Maczkowsky is a certified team leader for audits according to ISO 27001 natively as well as on the basis of IT-Grundschutz, also according to the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) for energy providers and operators of critical infrastructures. He is a proven specialist in corporate data protection and worked, among other places, at the Schleswig-Holstein Independent Center for Privacy Protection (ULD) and for the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. Roman Maczkowsky is a BSI-licensed IS auditor and IS consultant and works as an instructor in the training of data protection and IT security officers.

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We will first examine your Internet presence to get a general idea. If there are no significant concerns, you can withdraw from your analysis order without any further obligation.

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